Three weighted blankets, gray, white, and pink piled on top of each other.

"I love my Kawaii! It's not too large and not too small. Perfectly sized to nap and cuddle with on the couch while I watch my favorite shows"

-Hilary H.  

Kawaii - Like Hawaii with a *Kah*


Kawaii in Japanese means the quality of being cuteness.


So who is Kawaii for?

Kawaii is for the day dreamers, the everyday life romanticizers, the power cuddlers, the self-care enthusiasts, and for those who want to simply feel secure, cute and comfy.


Kawaii Blankets are weighted with an open knit design, giving you a sensation of being hugged all over without feeling hot due to the breathable design. 


Bring some Kawaii into your life Today!

A blonde woman with a pink t-shirt, sitting on a white chair with a pink weighted blanket draped over her.

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