About Us

Cute & Good For the Environment


In today’s modern age of fast fashion and throw-away products, it was essential for us to create a blanket that was both high quality and good for the environment. Our blankets are made of recycled materials including, ocean plastic, and plastic bottles.


Our goal is for your Kawaii Blanket to be the last weighted blanket you will ever need to purchase. Kawaii Blankets are heavy-duty and are meant to be your BFF for years to come. 




Serious man, wrapped in a gray weighted blanket, reading a book on a picnic blanket in the forest.
Women with dark hair, looking into the distance on a wooden balcony, wrapped in a gray weighted blanket.

The Founders


It all started with the stress of video calls while working from home. We needed a natural solution to ease anxiousness during the work day, and insomnia at night. This solution needed to be very breathable as we live in the desert, and also machine washable as we have some seriously cuddly cats.


We also wanted something aesthetically pleasing to go with the design of our home. With these thoughts in mind, Kawaii Blankets was born.


Cute & Comfy for life!